LGBT History Month


February 2018 is LGBT History month; a time to reflect upon a historic journey of basic human rights of people.

The timeline can be dated back to as early as 43 AD, during the Roman conquest of Britain, with the criminalisation of “male adultery”. Almost 2000 years on, in today’s much changed world, it can be difficult to believe that the World Health Organisation finally declassified same-sex attraction as a mental illness as recently as 1992.

Here’s BBC’s brief review of LGBT history in the UK:

As the clip states, whilst we have come a long way, there is still a long way to go. In September 2017, The Independent reported an 80% rise in attacks against LGBT people over the past four years, and went on to add that two in five trans people were targets for hate crime in just the past 12 months, at the time the article was written.

Across the pond, a high profile case involving a trans woman known as CeCe, brought transgender discrimination to the fore. Cece was walking down a street with her friends when they were reportedly accosted by a group of people, shouting transphobic and racist slurs. An altercation occurred and Cece was cut in her face by a bottle by one of them, and she reported that she then acted in self defence against another, which resulted in her mortally wounding her alleged assailant, and consequently, served time in a male prison.

Here’s the trailer to the documentary, Free Cece, presented by Orange is the New Black actress, Laverne Cox.

If you’re affected by any of these issues, there is support available. In Bassetlaw, The Centre Place offers a range of services for young LGBT people, from emotional support, family mediation through to reporting hate crime.

You can also find services and community groups local to you, through Stonewall.

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