Getting Through January

As we approach mid-month, here at Essence Therapy Centre, we’ve been discussing our thoughts about the month of January.

Some kick off the New Year by kitting themselves out in lycra and joining the gym, then stopping off to bulk-buy tonnes of fresh produce for juicing on the way home, ready for that ‘detox’. Experts have reported these last couple of weeks that January is not the best time to set big goals, particularly diet related, due to the cold days and long nights. It has been suggested that dieting in particular, is better tackled during the Spring, when our bodies don’t need those extra calories to keep warm.

Others find they feel ‘down’ in January. A mixture of coming down after the build up and pressures of Christmas, and more month than there is money stretching out before them, all too often leaves people feeling anxious and / or depressed. Those for whom the festive season is anything but, may still be suffering the effects of loss or isolation.


So how can we survive January? A little self-care could go a long way. Below is a collection of ideas of ways in which we can promote our wellbeing:

  1. By all means set goals, but set small, realistic goals that are less likely to be sabotaged. This will avoid that familiar feeling of being a ‘failure’ and instead, evoke a sense of accomplishment and boost confidence.
  2. Eat well – a healthy balance doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to feel deprived. Our bodies need sustenance, more so during the cold months. Dust off the slow cooker and look forward to  a hearty, comforting casserole or stew at the end of a long day.
  3. There are plenty of activities that cost £0. Get wrapped up, go for a walk and take in that crisp January air. Feel the cool, freshness on your face.
  4. Talk – connect with someone IN PERSON. Turn off your devices. Spark up a conversation with that commuter on the train. Visit that friend, cousin, grandparent, who you haven’t seen for a while.
  5. Find a good book, puzzle or engage with your talent through arts and crafts. This is another inexpensive way to do something enjoyable.
  6. Get into child mode. Who brings out the inner free child in you? Your pet? Children? Nephews, nieces? Spouse? That daft friend? If there is someone in your life who makes you laugh, nothing quite lifts the January blues like a good dose of side-splitting laughter. If you are short of an inner-free-child-evoking person in your circle, a good comedy film or box set is another way of lifting our mood.



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